Auto Injury

Man holding neck after car accident

When you have been in an auto accident, you can end up feeling a lot of pain. It may not start immediately, but the whiplash can kick in later. Making an appointment with an auto injury chiropractor as soon as possible after the accident is imperative. Dr. Kirby Gengler of ChiroWorks in Colorado Springs, CO offers treatments that can help you to heal from your injuries. 

Spinal adjustment

Spinal adjustment or alignment is the most popular chiropractic technique. Many different varieties of adjustment are available, and your chiropractor will use the one best suited to your body and condition. It can be a thrust or a gentle movement, but the goal is to move the vertebrae back into alignment. Your auto injury chiropractor will evaluate where the misalignment has occurred and concentrate on the affected area. 

Spinal decompression

Spinal decompression is provided by a precise computer-operated program that gently stretches the spine. When the discs have bulged or herniated, they can press on the nerves that run through the vertebrae. When the vertebrae are spread apart, suction is created that pulls the disc back to where it belongs. This removes the pressure from the nerve and brings pain relief.  Spinal decompression is often the best non-surgical option for disc injuries.

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise is designed to let you continue to stretch and strengthen your injured area while you are home between your visits. It allows you to accelerate your healing and helps with flexibility and mobility issues. The chiropractor will choose the specific exercises to match your injury.

Therapeutic massage

Massage therapy works very well in coordination with other chiropractic techniques. Used before a spinal manipulation, it can get the muscles relaxed so that they are more receptive to the adjustment. Massage can help to work out the deep tension and knots in the shoulders and back, or it can be more gentle and provide relaxation for the mind and body.  After an auto accident, it can provide pain relief to the soft tissues that are hurting. 

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