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Injuries That May Require Seeing a Spine Specialist

Your spine acts as the foundation for your entire body. Problems with the spine can result in chronic pain, reduced mobility, and various other issues. Fortunately, you can schedule an appointment with a spine specialist in East Colorado Springs, CO. Come see Dr. Kirby Gengler at ChiroWorks. He has helped countless patients with back and neck issues.

Wondering what types of events might result in spinal issues? Let’s cover some of the most common ones below. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. If you find yourself suffering back, neck, or pretty much any pain, you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.

Car Accidents

If you get into a car accident, it can cause severe issues with the back and neck. Owing to the tremendous forces exerted on the body during an accident, your spine could be knocked out of proper alignment, or the surrounding soft tissues may suffer damage that prevents them from supporting it as well. As a result, you may suffer pain for weeks or more after an accident.

If you want to enjoy lasting pain relief, you may need to see a spine specialist. A chiropractor can work with your spine to ensure that it is properly aligned. This can reduce pressure on the nearby tissues.

Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are all but unavoidable. You might slip on a pool patio, or you could stumble while walking down the sidewalk. Sometimes, you may suffer only some bumps and bruises that will heal without further treatment. However, if you’re suffering lingering pain, it may be because you are suffering from a slipped disc or impingement on a nerve root.

Bad Ergonomics

If you’re sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t provide proper support or spend long days in the office sitting on a chair that doesn’t offer good ergonomics, the poor training of your muscles could cause your spinal column to slowly become misshapen. Dr. Gengler can use manual adjustments to straighten out your spine, and can also recommend furniture that provides proper support. 

Sports Injuries

Playing sports can help you stay in shape. However, many athletes will suffer a sports injury at some point. You might collide with another player, or you could overexert yourself in the heat of the competition, for example. Either way, seeing a sports injury chiropractor can provide relief and get you back in competitive shape. Looking for a spine specialist in East Colorado Springs, CO? Arrange an appointment with Dr. Gengler at ChiroWorks by calling 719-571-0070.

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